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Tuition & Payment Plan

At Mitchener College, we understand people have different financial situations, so we have a lpayment plan that meet the needs of our students.

Image by Kenny Eliason



The tuition at Mitchener College is based on clock hours earned per program. The following chart illustrates the fee schedule:


Courses are 8 weeks.



  • 10-month program

  • $4 per clock hour

  • $480 per class

  • $2400 per program

  • $25 Application Fee




The MC tuition payment plan is designed for students as an alternative to Financial Aid. MC has a tuition payment plan that will fit your budget.

  • The MC Tuition Payment Plan has the following criteria:  Full or part time student

  • Must submit enrollment application identifying a program


Down Payment

  • $400 is required to begin classes

  • Balance due is broken down into 10-month increments



  • Each student that receives a tuition discount is responsible for the down payment requirements for the tuition payment plan.


Flexible Payments

  • MC provides flexible tuition payment amounts that fits any student’s budget.  


Online Payment Options

  • Payments can be made online for convenience.

Payment Financing

  • Initial Down Payment: $400

  • Monthly Payments: $200 per month for 10 months

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